ISO/IEC 80079-34 (UKCA Ex/ATEX / IECEx)

What is UKCA Ex/ATEX?

The objective of ATEX is to ensure the free movement of Ex products within the European Union, by offering one harmonised compliance procedure accepted by all EU countries, eradicating the need for differing national standards.

The Directive removes barriers to trade by defining Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSRs) for Ex equipment. The EHSRs form the basis of an EU-accepted product conformity approval process that examines the potential ignition sources of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

UKCA Ex is the UK equivelent directives and policies. It also requires a Quality Assurance system to be used and is currently closely aligned with Atex

UKCA Ex/ ATEX Product Certification

ATEX product certification (or EU-Type Examination) is the verification of the design specification of a manufacturer’s product in relation to a series of relevant standards laid out under the directive.

This certification process must be undertaken by an ATEX Notified Body. This is an organisation that is appointed by its national government to issue ATEX certificates and conduct periodic surveillance of quality management systems, where necessary.

The certification process includes testing and assessment of the product, with an ATEX certificate and report being issued for conforming product.

UKCA Ex works in the same way and requires an UK Approved Body to issue the certificate

UKCA Ex/ ATEX Quality Assurance Notification (QAN)

The manufacturer must comply with the appropriate Annex(es) of the Directive (IV, V, VI, VII or IX) applicable dependent upon designation of the equipment (zone), whether they are mass produced or built in a batch.

The audit of the manufacturing location (and possibly any other sites that are involved with the manufacture of the product) typically covers a review of records and a check of the design specification of the equipment.

UKCA Ex has the same requirements and ISO/ IEC 80079-34 outlines a QMS that is suitable for purpose.

What is IECEx?

IECEx is a voluntary system which provides an internationally accepted means of proving compliance with IEC standards. IEC standards are used in many national approval schemes and as such, IECEx certification can be used to support national compliance, negating the need in most cases for additional testing.

The Benefits of IECEx

The fact that many countries operate under different standards means that Ex equipment often needs to be re-tested and re-certified to the appropriate standards of that country, adding to the cost of the equipment.

The IECEx scheme significantly reduces the need for re-testing and certification by conforming to international IEC standards, and therefore makes international trade easier, quicker and more cost effective.

IECEx Quality Assessment Report (QAR)

The manufacturer must ensure compliance with the full requirements of IECEx operational document OD 005; and have an ISO/ IEC 80079-34 compliant Quality Management System.