Other Standards

  • Just some of the other standards we have worked with in the past and can offer to clients!
  • Development and implementation of information systems management systems (ISMS) to meet the requirements of ISO27001, either within an ISO9001 system or as a stand-alone system.
  • Ongoing maintenance of ISMS; audits, reviews and risk assessments. 
  • Assessment of compliance with the 2018 requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and development of policies and processes.
  • Preparation for Cyber Essentials certification, rapidly becoming necessary for those wishing to trade with Government departments
  • RIS-2450-RST is a standard created by Railtrack for critical suppliers in the railway supply chain in the UK.
  • EN9120 is a technical equivalent for AS9120 used for suppliers of parts and components in the Aerospace industry and is a companion to ISO9001.
  • ASME Section VIII,  “U” Stamp


With so much data recorded digitally now, it is necessary (and quite right in our view) that tight regulation be brought into being to protect individuals and organisations against the loss and/or misappropriation of their information. New requirements came into force in Europe in 2018 that affect everyone who holds certain categories of data. GDPR is here!

The UK government has said it is committed to keeping an equivalent legislation in place even if we leave the EU with no deal!