Mirams Waterhouse consultants don’t believe in “standard” systems, all the work we do is bespoke to your unique circumstances. We work closely with you to build management systems that work with your business and not create extra work for your staff unnecessarily. Ready to help and support throughout the project.

  • Development and implementation of quality management systems to the ISO9001 standard
  • This involves a five part process:
    1. The initial action is to perform a gap analysis on your current processes and systems; to find out where we need to apply some changes.
    2. Then we work with you to document and build procedures. These will be compliant, but slim and flexible so as not to hamstring you
    3. We assist with training and awareness for your staff.
    4. Auditing the systems and run what is called a Management Review meeting. This is to make sure you are ready for the external audit
    5. Supporting you at your first external audit by the notified body to get you certified.
  • Then we can arrange and organise ongoing maintenance and management of the systems, if you desire

We are familiar with ASME part VIII (U-Stamp) and the EU Pressure Directive and can incorporate both into your systems. Plus, our management systems can be designed with AS/EN 9120:2018 and RIS-2450-RST compliance.

ISO80079-34:2018 (ATEX) – Ex equipment

  • A specific Quality Management standard related to making equipment for hazardous areas.
  • It is designed to bolt on to ISO9001:2015 and ensures that your system is compliant with the requirements of ATEX annexes relating to the manufacture of this equipment (QAN)
  • IECEx compliant system (QAR)
  • We also have experience of MET and FM standards relating to hazardous area equipment manufacture (USA standards)

Allow us, with our years of experience of handling and simplifying the requirements of the various international standards, to work with you to develop a management system that really works, thus bringing the market and efficiency benefits to your organisation. Providing just the right amount of input and support, therefore matching the requirements to your needs.

Programme QA systems

Programme or Project Quality Assurance

You have a programme or project that requires a system to assure investors or stakeholders that it has performed to expectation. We have designed QA systems for training courses and other projects to provide that assurance. Maybe you have a training programme that needs to demonstrate it’s value to the wider sector, or a project that needs to show to the charity investing in it that it delivers as promised. We can help!

  • Design of a QA system is similar to designing a QMS for organisations.
    1. We Identify key targets and goals.
    2. We complete an assessment of the programme and find the areas where we need control, monitoring and measuring.
    3. Building a system of procedures and policies, working closely with your staff
    4. Training of staff on the procedures and policies.
    5. The systems are audited and we run a review meeting for continual improvement.
Quality Assurance identifies your credentials
Quality Assurance indicates your ability to deliver