We love India! – A personal note from the founder.

Not only is it a country full of wonderful people but it is a land of opportunity for the UK, with its historic ties to Great Britain, the availability of skilled workforces in all sectors, and the wide use of the English language for business.


I have been working in India since 1992, first as an independent quality management consultant developing quality management systems for Danish company Ecco Sko’s Indian suppliers. Since the foundation of Mirams Waterhouse Ltd in 2000, we have been engaged by a number of UK and EU companies to develop quality in their supply chains.

More recently, from 2009 to 2013, we worked in partnership with The Scandinavian Business Academy to provide a quality management, monitoring and certification system for a leading pan-India skills training organisation, IL&FS. Such was the success of this programme that in 2014 I started Mirams Training Services (India) with an Indian associate; based in Kolkata we provide skills training and assessments in a number of sectors, but that is another story!

My colleague Stuart Muir also has much experience in India, including local market research; briefing diplomats on behalf of HM Government;  managing introductions and the formation of Anglo-Indian partnerships – in fact I first met Stuart during a trade delegation that he led to Delhi in 2012.

Despite all the benefits and advantages of building business relationships with India, such can be fraught with difficulties, and for every success story there are many failures, due mainly to the distance involved, the difference in cultures and the different ways the two communities go about business. In my 25 years of working with many organisations and individuals in India I have made many mistakes, but gained a lifetime’s understanding about developing and maintaining successful relationships, which are the building blocks for good business in that country.

Wishing you every success with your Indian projects,




Charity Work

We are proud to support the UK charity The Venkat Trust, which provides education facilities for children in Kovalam, southern India. Through the generosity of our clients, we were able to purchase a fishing boat for a family in Kovalam to enable then to make a decent living. The sign-writing on the boat indicates how, sometimes in India, even the simplest things can get misunderstood!