International Supply Chain

Global business is now vital for most of even the smallest of organisations, but sourcing and managing suppliers at a distance, and dealing with companies in different countries can be very tricky especially when dealing with continental and cultural divides. Developing a robust supply chain is ever more important.

Checking the cloth

We have all too often seen importers come to grief when dealing with foreign suppliers. Some sub-contractors, hide behind enticing professional web sites and promotional material, but fail to supply to the standards we have come to demand in Europe – and you cannot just pop down the road to sort them out!

Committing to entrusting a foreign supplier with providing goods or services that meet your standards, can be a time consuming and expensive process; particularly if you get it wrong. Therefore using our experience in this matter can ensure they are capable and competent – it could save you a lot of money and heartache in the future!



Checking the logs

  • Supplier and sub-contractor sourcing, assessment and trial.
  • Supplier audit and reporting.
  • On-going monitoring and quality management.


2nd party audit

Auditing your critical suppliers and reporting on their systems

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