As part of system development we train and coach staff to prepare them for their responsibilities within the management system. We are developing these sessions into stand alone training workshops to deliver as and when required. All our courses are designed around you.

Mentoring is another part to the training and development of your staff and can be a very effective way to get the most out of your quality professionals.

Mike runs a session in India!

Examples of training we have run in the past:

Subject Quick Description
ISO9001 Benefits and Pitfalls Presentation on what ISO9001 is good for and what it can’t do, also covers TQM in general
QMS Awareness Basic staff awareness course, when first implementing ISO9001 within the company
Dealing with NC What is a Non-Conformance and what do I do with it?
Cybersecurity Boot-camp Data protection and safety online for ordinary folks (inc. GDPR)
Strategy and Leadership in ISO9001 SWOT, PEST, balanced scorecard; the expectations of ISO9001 on leadership and some of the tools you can use to help “steer the ship”.
Internal Auditing Course How to set-up and run an internal auditing programme.
Creating Processes and Procedures More advanced course for those with responsibility for processes within the business

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